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Bringing new life to old houses

Old houses have charm and coziness that’s hard to find in their younger counterparts. They also commonly have format issues that conflict with a modern lifestyle. Many have been “remodeled” in unfortunate ways that mask their innate personalities. I feel that every old house has the potential to support life without denying its age and experience. Fresh perspective, along with creative use of space and materials, is key.

Metamorphic is a small, friendly company, specializing in mixed media construction. Using wood, metal, tile and stone, creating objects and environments that are unique or eclectic as well as ones that are traditional. In over 20 years as an artisan with a background in design, I’ve learned to pick the right techniques and materials to reach my clients’ goals. When the simplest solution is the best one, I’m happy to oblige. Other projects, however, call for fusion and that’s where I bring the special sauce.

At Metamorphic, we’re no strangers to technology. If a client needs help visualizing the project, I’m happy to help using mock-ups produced with digital image editing. We can also help with light computer networking as well as web development.

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